Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Traumatizing Mom!!!

I grew up with 2 younger brothers.  We are all close in age.  But, since I was the oldest, I felt that it was absolutely my duty to make sure that I blazed a trail for them to follow.   I would come up with some hair brained scheme, and they would always be willing participants.   And, let me tell you, I had some doozies!  We absolutely LOVED to play jokes on my Mom (June Cleaver).  There are several of these amazing feats that have never been forgotten (or forgiven) by Mom.  One in particular is still held over my head at family functions.  

I can’t tell you how old we were at the time (I was probably about 10), but my Mom was getting a new freezer for our utility room out back.  She was pretty excited about it, and she kept on telling us that it was being delivered soon. Then she made one fatal mistake.  She said “Now I want you all three on your best behavior when the Sears man comes”.   Ahhhh… Nooooo.  This sounded more like a challenge to me than an actual request. I looked right over at Scott and grinned.   I never had to talk that boy into anything!  We just always had to make sure that Chris wouldn’t tell on us. J

So… when we saw the Sears truck pull up, we ran out back and hid in the storage room.  We could not stop laughing.  He opened the door, and we all jumped out with pouty faces and yelled “THANK YOU!  THANK YOU for setting us free!  Mom keeps us locked up out here all the time! “  He backed off very quickly.  So, then for added measure, Scott and I each grabbed one of his legs and hung on!  We kept saying “Please take us with you, PLEASE!  She never lets us out of here!!!”   The more he pulled away, the more we poured it on.  My mom was MORTIFIED!!!  Of course we were trying to be dramatic, but we were laughing the whole time too.  The poor Sears man!  He didn’t know whether he should call DFACs or if he should hold us down so Mom could whip our fannies.  Mom just kept on saying “That’s not funny!  That’s not funny!  I would never lock my kids in the utility room!”  I’m pretty sure that she shed a couple of tears out of sheer embarrassment. (oops) We played it out as long as we could, but then we finally broke into hysterical laughter, and our game was up!   Seriously… we may have been pranksters, but we were all terrible actors!    

We did have to finally fess up to the Sears man that it was an elaborate prank on my mom. And, that fact that I cannot remember the punishment that we received just shows you how much this one was truly worth the price!

Yes…I’ve got a laundry list of things that I managed to pull off when I was younger.  And, my Mom remembers every single one of them.    So, should you choose to go back through my blog and read the one about “Double for your Trouble” from March, you’ll completely understand why my Mom thinks like she does.   I think this one might fall into the category of  ‘seventy time seven’ paybacks, though.  Forty years later, she’s still talking about it! 

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