Friday, June 10, 2011

Mattress Surfing!

My 10 year old niece and 16 year old nephew have been here a few days visiting from Oklahoma.  We haven’t actually seen them in 2 years other than on Skype.  I was so excited to have them come.  But, my girls were absolutely ecstatic!   Rachel is thrilled to have someone to do stuff with during the day.  We work from home, and even though we’re here, she gets bored because we’re working.  And even though Britt has to work all day downtown, she couldn’t wait to get home to see them.

We have an extra bedroom that is perfect for my nephew.  I feel bad for him, being the lone testosterone in a sea of all girl cousins. But he has his own room and can get away when it gets to be too much.  My niece is sleeping on an air mattress in Rachel’s room so that they can be together.   

But who knew that the air mattress would be a source of temptation so hard to resist for all 4 cousins.  When we blew it up and carried it up the 14 carpeted stairs, my oldest (of course), said 2 words ‘Mattress Surfing!’   You could see the wheels turning in my niece’s head.  You could tell she was considering what this meant, and then her face lit up with a huge smile.  I said… “Alyssa, we have one rule in this house... If Brittany says it’s OK, then it’s probably NOT!”  

Well, we made it a whole day, and I thought that they had forgotten all about it.  But, NOOOOOOO!  When Brittany got home from work last night, they all went into the family room to play the Wii.  I went upstairs to my office to answer some emails.  I had my door shut(mistake number1) and they apparently decided that the Wii was boring!

I could hear the excitement, but I thought they were laughing at the Wii.  I worked for about 20 minutes and then came down the stairs.  But… at the bottom of the stairs, blocking the hallway was the air mattress.  I just stood there on the steps and said the same 2 words “Mattress Surfing?”   Dead silence in the room… Then I repeated “Kids… who’s been mattress surfing?”   Complete silence…. then… a little snicker arose, then a couple more, then total laughter.  

I said… “Alyssa, did you mattress surf?”   She was kind of quiet for a minute, then she said “Brittany did too!!!!!”   I just busted out laughing!   Yes, the 22 year old started it, and the 10 years old finished it. I’m sure the 16 yr old and the 14 year old were in the middle.  They are both the calm, quiet type, but they will definitely break loose and have fun too.

 How is that cousins come from different wombs but share the same traits.  My niece reminds me so much of my oldest when she was growing up.  They live hundreds of miles apart, are 12 years different in age, but seem like they came from the exact same mold.  And my nephew and youngest daughter are very much alike too. 

Oh… my poor brother… he has absolutely no idea what he’s in for.  But, I do!  And, I’m hoping that he loves every minute of it like I do!    

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