Friday, June 3, 2011

I was never 39!

    I have 31 days left as a 49 year old.  I plan to enjoy every minute of it.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not afraid to turn 50.  In fact I can’t wait.     I have never been one of these women that lie about their age.  Well.. at least not one that tells people that she is younger than she really is.   I have quite the opposite theory. I’ve been telling people that I was 50 since I was in my early 40’s.    

At 43,  if someone asked how old I was I would just say “I’m 50”.    Then, I would get the typical response…. “Wow, you look awesome for a 50 year old”.   And I would laugh and say…  “Yeh… well… I’m really only 43.  I might not look so good for 43, but I look great for 50!”    Hahaha.   I found this much better than telling someone that I was 40 and having them just say “Ohhhhh!”   Yep… I’ve lived hard, and I want people to KNOW why I look the way I do!   I know,  I think a little differently than most, but hey… I’ve never been an ‘inside the box’ kind of girl anyway… I’ve just always been more of a  ‘What? There’s a box?’  kind of girl.

While this philosophy is good for the spirit… it’s not without a flaw.  I spent the entire year that I was 39  thinking about turning 40.  When someone asked me how old I was, I would respond “I’ll be 40 in 11 months” , etc.  I spent the entire year counting down.  I was never 39.   I was always a certain number of months away from turning 40.  When I actually turned 40, I realized what happened.  I had lost an entire really good year!  Most ladies are 39 for 10 years or more.  I, instead, was never 39 at all! 

So, I decided not to let that happen again.  And, this year, instead of telling people that I was 50, or a certain number of days until I turned 50,  I readily admitted that I was 49. And, when I turn 50 next month, I plan to be 50 for an entire year!  I mean, really… I’ve been 50 for almost 7 years now… What’s one more year?  Right?  

But, believe me, once I turn 51… I’ll probably start telling people that I’m 55 J  It’s just how I roll.

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