Friday, December 23, 2011

It's Christmas Adam!

The other day, my neighbor called to chat with my husband.  He asked Tom,  “What are ya’ll doing for Adam?’   Tom was totally confused, and asked him what he was talking about… “Who is Adam?”  He was wondering if maybe our neighbor was referring to our daughter’s boyfriend, and had just forgotten his name.  But, he kept on asking “What are you doing for Adam?”   Finally, Tom bit and politely asked, (the way men do)...  “What in the world are you talking about?”

Well… ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?   Our neighbor thoughtfully explained… “Well, first there was Adam, THEN there was Eve.   So we celebrate Christmas Adam first!  We open one gift on the 23rd , Christmas Adam.  Then we open one gift on the 24th , Christmas Eve… Then we open the rest of our gifts on Christmas Day!”   Now… that my friend, is funny!    What a way to stretch out the holidays!

Yes… you learn something new EVERY day.   And, today I learned about Christmas Adam! How in the world did I grow up not knowing this?   I mean, this seems like something that a kid would definitely need to know!   Yet, here I am 50, and I’m just now hearing about it.  What ELSE have I missed?  I guess there’s a New Year’s Adam too?  Well, who knew?     

I definitely wish I had known about this before I scheduled WORK today!  I would have said I couldn’t work because it’s a holiday!  Why not?   Now that I know about it, I absolutely HAVE to celebrate it!  It a RULE!    

This time of year makes everyone crazy trying to shop and bake and find time to get everything done.  It’s not supposed to be this way, but it is!  So, take some time off  today and celebrate Christmas Adam!   It’s a good excuse to relax for a minute!  Why not?