Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Get in Argument with God

Every morning, when I come in from my walk with my girlfriends, I fix a cup of coffee and venture into the sunroom for some quiet time.  I usually pick up a bible study of some sort to get my day started.  Lately, I’ve found that the small print is a little blurry. Hmmm… I don’t need reading glasses as the day progresses, but I apparently need them first thing in the morning.  Yet… I refuse to believe it.   So… every morning, I do the same thing.  I pick up my book and strain to see what it says.  Never mind that I am creating wrinkles the size of the Grand Canyon in my forehead.  For some reason, I just refuse to accept the fact that my eyes are aging.

So, this morning, I opened my book, and right there in the middle of the page was the sentence “Get in Argument with God and start feeling good about who you are.” WHAT???? Get in an argument with God?  Why?   That absolutely didn’t sound right.  So, I squinted and read it again.  Same thing!  I pondered on it, and thought that it couldn’t possibly be right.

So, I picked up my glasses and put them on.  Re-reading… “Get in AGREEMENT with God and start feeling good about who you are.”  Hahahaha!  Now that makes much more sense.  Hmmm…. It seems that pride is a nasty companion!   Way to point out that I have actually been in my own argument with God about aging. 

Lesson learned… I guess I need to get in agreement with aging, and out of the argument I’ve been having! I wonder what else I have missed or misinterpreted.   I guess I need to pick up the rose colored Granny glasses and celebrate my new found sight.  But, I think I’ll just call them something else… Tomorrow morning, I will come in put on my “Wisdom Windows” and try to get in agreement with God and aging!     

Friday, April 8, 2011

Flying lessons

As a kid, I always dreamed about flying.  Dream experts say that it means that things are going very well in your life.  But, what does a dream expert have to say about flying in real life?  Well, I’m sure they would just say… “hmmmm, now that’s gonna leave a mark!”
So… let me explain…  I love running.  I take my running shoes with me EVERYWHERE.  We happened to be on vacation in this quiet little beach town and I decided to go out for a run.  I had already run out a little ways, and decided to finish up by running along the sidewalk by the shops in the town.  It was early so the sidewalks were empty and the view was very peaceful.   I should have been watching  where I was going, but I was enjoying the scenery.   I didn’t even notice that the smooth sidewalk was actually cobblestones.  Stay with me… it gets better!
The next thing I knew, my toe hit an uneven part of the pavement.  I flew through the air like a sail plane.  I think I started off with my arms straight out like superman.  But, at some point, they moved to the side, and major flailing began.   It felt like minutes, but I’m sure it wasn’t even 1 second of flying.  Then came the SPLAT onto the pavement.  I bet it woke up the entire town.   My husband had always told me that if you wanted to fly, you just needed to throw yourself at the pavement and MISS.  Well, I didn’t miss. L
I’m sure that what happened next was hysterical.  Because I hit the pavement and stood back up in one smooth move.  I wanted to make sure that no one saw this debacle, so I acted ‘cool’.  But… the one and only other person that was out that morning  just happened to be driving by at the EXACT moment that I tried to fly.  Did you know that if you face plant while you’re running, you could cause a wreck?  Who knew?   Not me, that’s for sure.  Mainly because I never intended to face plant while running in the first place.   But it soon became clear that I had  actually stopped traffic..  This guy  slammed on brakes, skidded to a stop and started to get out of the car.  Thankfully, there was only one car, otherwise my little distraction could have hurt more people than just me.
Ultimately, I was just fine.  I only skinned my knee and hurt my pride.  The uneven pavement was just a little reminder that  while I was enjoying the scenery, I still need to keep my  eyes on the road ahead.  There’s an old saying “Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal”.  I firmly believe that in life.  However, you have to keep your eyes on the goal AND the road ahead.  Save the flying lessons until AFTER you reach your goal!