Monday, January 3, 2011

Drinking makes me a better dancer

Hmmm… does it?  
A few nights ago, I played Dance Party 2 on the Wii with my girls.  Now, let me first explain that neither one of them was gifted with the dancing gene.  Nope… nothing even similar to a dancing gene.   I mean they both have a couple of good moves, as long as you can’t hear the music that they are dancing to.   They seem to be hearing something completely different.  But, they love to dance, and it is always good entertainment!

One of my daughter’s close  friends is a professional hip hop dancer.   She currently lives in LA, so my girls decide to call her up on Skype so that she could watch them dance.  What a site… the Laptop was on top of the TV facing the girls who were watching the TV and dancing up a storm.    I could see Maddie’s  face the entire time.  She was laughing so hard that she was almost crying.  Several times, she just slowly put her head down into her folded arms.  Other times, she just gave that slow side to side  “REALLY”  nod that gives the world notice that you absolutely can’t believe what you are seeing.    Finally, she says… “OMG , have you been drinking?”

Well… as a matter of fact, she and I had just enjoyed a margarita. (Yes, she’s of age!)  So, she keeps on dancing and yells out…. ‘Yes… drinking makes me a better dancer!”….  

Maddie laughingly replys “ uhhhh… no …  it doesn’t.”

I had been watching the entire time, and laughing hysterically.  They may not be great dancers, but it was absolutely priceless entertainment.   We all danced for hours playing that silly Wii game.  We laughed our fannies off, and didn't really care how we looked. 

So the unsolved question of the night... Does drinking really make you a better dancer?   Or does it make it easier for the rest of us to watch?  LOL       

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