Sunday, January 16, 2011

James and the Giant Peach

Family road trips are the best!  Since our oldest went off to college,  it’s rare that we ever get to go somewhere with all 4 of us.  A few weeks ago, we took a road trip up to Chattanooga just to get away.   To pass the time, we brought along the cards from our Disney Scene it game. 

Interesting fact – Disney re-releases its movies in 7 year increments.  Since my girls are 8 years apart, they both had the same favorites.   So… with that said… after watching these movies over and over with 2 different girls, I know many of these Disney movies BY HEART!  My hubby on the other hand… well let’s just say that he may remember a few Disney classics from his childhood, but that’s about it.   So, playing this game is a total domination by the women in the car.  And… being the lone testosterone in a sea of estrogen is hard enough, but when the estrogen is showing you up… well, it’s not pretty…

‘Your name is your buzzer.’    That’s the rule.   When someone reads the card, you yell out your name, then you get to answer the question.  After a while,  my hubby was as getting beat badly, and he doesn’t lose well.  So he started yelling his name as soon as the question was asked.  The question was actually something to do with an older Disney  movie, and he probably knew the answer.   Unfortunately, when he was called on, he went blank.  So, my oldest whispered in his ear… and he yells out ‘James and the Giant Peach” .    What?  James and the Giant Peach???    Too bad it had nothing to do with the question. The girls can not stop laughing.   I can’t stop laughing, and hubby is laughing because he was totally duped by the girls. 

A few questions later, the same scenario repeats itself.  Whisper in the ear, and hubby yelling ‘James and the Giant Peach’.    Laughter ensues.    I sure wish we had a question about James and the Giant Peach,  because it became the go to answer for the rest of the trip. 

Now… this is just a good example of those ‘location jokes’…. You know the ones…you have to be there to get it.  But,  we don’t care…  we still yell out  ‘James and the Giant Peach’ when we don’t know the answer, and we laugh hysterically every time.   It’s just one of the many things that binds a family together. 

Moral of the story… If you don’t know the answer… it’s probably ‘James and the Giant Peach’.   Bwahahaha…

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