Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Amazing day

written last week, but posted today....
Today, I had a fabulous day! … A family that I have been working with for 4 year was able to purchase their first home  today.   I cannot explain the happiness that I feel…

First let me introduce you to the family… When I met Patrice and Maurice, they were up to their ears in debt and credit issues.  They were living in a rental home that was not safe for their family.  They needed to get out, and get out quick.   Now, their credit issues were not your normal run of the mill credit problems.  They were totally under water from medical bills.   Within days of delivering her premature twin boys, it was discovered that one child had a problem.    He was rushed into surgery to remove a large portion of his intestine.  About the same time, Mom suffered a heart attack.  So, Dad was faced with one premature child fighting for his life after a serious surgery, one child fighting low birth weight and a wife that was recovering from a serious illness as well.  It didn’t take long for the bills to pile on, and the emotional strain to take hold.
I met them through an organization that helped families with medically fragile children, and offered to help them pro bono.  I fell in love with the mom immediately due to her enormous heart and joyful attitude.  It was their dream to own a home.  I have never seen a family work so hard towards a goal.  And, I’ve never seen a more optimistic, hopeful  example of believing in your dream.  These guys never gave up.   They trusted God, and just never, ever gave up.  I have been blessed to be working with them.

I saw miracles during this process… finding the perfect rental home with a fantastic landlord that treated them fairly.  This took several tries, but they never gave up.  After several years of good payment history, and hard work to reduce their debt, they were able to purchase the house they were renting.  The landlord and his wife have been a true blessing to this family.   

I have learned so much during this process.  I’ve learned that when you help someone out of the goodness of your heart, you can’t help but be blessed.  I’ve learned that watching faith in action is the most amazing thing you can ever see.  I’ve learned that being positive and continuing towards a goal eventually pays off.  And, when it does, it feels wonderful.   I’ve also learned that you can feel great joy by helping someone else accomplish their goal.

I received a text last night that said “We’re too excited to sleep – thank you for helping us get here”.    It was just the boost that I needed to remind me that hard work pays off.   Yes, it took  a long time, but we stuck with it.  All the money in the world can’t compare to this.   So… when you ask me why I continue to do this job… this is why… 

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