Sunday, January 23, 2011

Aunt Punch

A few months ago, my sister-in-law and I hosted a wedding shower for my niece.  This was a Saturday afternoon shower with all of Mother-of-the-Bride’s aunts and cousins.  So, basically, it was going to be a family shower with older women.  In fact, we estimated that the average age of the guests would be about 60.  So, we decided that serving wine would NOT be a good idea. 

The shower was mid-afternoon, so we opted for desserts, coffee and punch.  We made a very light citrus punch that was very refreshing.  I took an old recipe that I had from Southern Living for a Vodka Slush and just left out the vodka.  Why, oh why would anyone leave out the vodka, you ask?   Well, I asked myself the same question.  So… I made a special “secret” batch for the Aunts.  Our own personal ‘Aunt Punch’!    

Well, might I add that the 4 Aunts usually make for a very fun bunch.  And since one of us was the Mother-of-the-Bride, the rest of us had to take up the slack. I mean if you’re down one girl, the rest have to step it up a notch!   We could not have the MOTB get tipsy in front of all of her relatives.  However, they were HER relatives, and not ours.  J  

So, once the ladies got their food and retired into the family room to start the shower, we broke out the good stuff.  We quietly fixed our punch and went joined the party.  After the first game, we made it back for another glass of Aunt Punch.  Several times during the “opening of the presents”, we ventured back to the kitchen for refills.  We were like little kids that didn’t want to get caught by mom for sneaking a cookie.  The sneakier we were, the funnier it became.  And, did I mention that NOT one of us is quiet?   Nope, we are a very loud group!  Yes, the laughter from the kitchen was quiet obnoxious.  We tried to be quiet, but it was just too hard!  Thankfully, the group in the other room was even louder! 

After the shower, we fessed up to my niece.  Whom, may I add, was not surprised one tiny bit.  The only disappointed person was the MOTB.  When she asked why we had left her out of our usual Aunt party, I just reminder her that she was officially the mother this time, and not an Aunt.  Being the wonderful people we are, we just couldn’t let her misbehave in front of her family.  (True story!)   We totally had her back!  Everyone knows that the MOTB is supposed to behave, but no one expects the Aunts to.   And, I know without a doubt she’ll return the favor when I am MOTB – and I will not like her for it either!

We definitely saved some extra Aunt Punch for our next family function when she could resume the role of Aunt!   It’s just so much more fun as a foursome!      

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