Monday, January 10, 2011

It's a French Toast Emergency!!!!

We had 6 inches of snow last night!   If you don’t live in the south, you may have NO idea what I am talking about.  However, you should know that the prediction of snow causes a frenzy here.  And… one snowflake causes the entire city to shut down! 

I was born and raised here, so I know this phenomenon all too well.  I LIVE IT!  I survived Snow Jam ‘80!   and  ’82 and ’90, and ’93 and ’97,  (and I guess I really do have to mention ’73).   In 1980, I was stuck on Interstate 85 southbound for 4-5 hours.    We had snowball fights with the passengers of a Marta bus in front of the old stadium.  Fun times. 

Our friends from the North always have a huge chuckle when they see us on the news.  And, those that have moved here, just shake their heads in disbelief.  What I am talking about is the mad dash to grocery store to get milk, eggs, bread and toilet paper.  Once snow is predicted, the bread aisle of the grocery store is EMPTY.   Signs are put up on the milk refrigerators that state “Sorry, but due to the weather, we are temporarily out of Milk’.    The eggs are all gone too.  But, alarmingly so is the Toilet Paper.   I guess it’s just southern nature to worry that we might run out of TP while we’re stuck inside.  Heaven forbid! 

Since I do move a lot of people here from all over, I tell all my clients that are relocating from the north that it’s not anything to laugh about.  I just tell them that when we have snow here, we make a ‘special snow casserole’ with milk, eggs, bread and toilet paper.  I assure them that it is a secret recipe, and that once they’ve lived her for about 20 years, a true southerner will give them the recipe.  LOL  

However, yesterday, I heard it called something even funnier.  My sister-in-law texted me and asked if I was ready for the ‘French Toast Emergency! ‘  Bahahaha.    I never thought about it like that.  What about all those poor people that can’t get the ingredients for French toast because we’re panicking?     We’re keeping our neighbors from making French Toast just because it’s snowing.  What the heck?   Are we animals?  Why would we do this to the poor transplants from other parts of the nation?  Where’s our southern hospitality? 

Well, I wish I could explain it.  But, I also went to the store on Friday to stock up on my French Toast ingredients!   Earlier this morning, I heard that our snow storm was declared a 'State of Emergency".  
 Our own personal 'French Toast Emergency!' 

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