Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Never give up chocolate and Alcohol at the same time

The year my brother went to Afghanastan, I gave up sweets in support.  However, when it came time for Lent, I was at a loss. I’m not Catholic, but I still participate in Lent as a way of trying to tame some of my ‘crutches’.   I almost always give up chocolate.  It didn’t seem fair to count my current refrain from chocolate, so I decided to give up alcohol.  Now, I wasn’t a big drinker, so I thought this would be very easy.  NOT!

By the time Lent rolled around, I had been off of chocolate for almost 2 ½ months. After the first few weeks, it had become much easier.   However, I didn’t count the sugar in alcohol as a ‘sweet’… I meant candy, cookies, cakes, etc.  So, every now and then, I would have a margarita.   After all, I have a stressful job, and sometimes, I needed something extra (LOL)… Chocolate is my drug of choice when I’m irritated, but margaritas run a close second.  And, I seemed like I was getting irritated a little more often while I wasn’t eating sweets. J 

Well let me tell you that by about the second week of Lent, my husband threatened to hold me down and force feed me chocolate or a margarita.  Apparently, my attitude wasn’t real peachy.  At one point, I remember saying to someone ‘I’m a pre-menopausal woman who hasn’t had chocolate OR alcohol in weeks.  DO NOT MESS WITH ME, YOU WILL NOT WIN!   I was halfway joking, but apparently, I added a look that made everyone question my intentions!  Of course, I wouldn’t have a problem at all if people would just quit making me mad! 

As Lent progressed, I received daily threats that I was going to be fed chocolate in my sleep.  I apparently had somehow lost the purpose of my sacrifice.  Giving up these things was supposed to make me a better person, not worse!  I was supposed to turn to God instead of sugar.  But, given my current state of “the change’- I was apparently making way too many additional changes at one time.  Remember the line from the movie “Airplane’ where Leslie Nielson said ‘I picked a bad day to give up alcohol’?    Well, my entire family was apparently living the Airplane nightmare!    To this I replied… Well… Life’s tough – Wear a Helmet!  I would try to be nicer, and they would have to try to deal with me because I was not going to back down on my promise to my brother, or my commitment to GOD!  And I didn’t. 

We made it through… barely… My family still loves me, no one was seriously injured, and I learned a few things about myself…  But I did have to make a promise to my fam that I would never give up both of these things at the same time again.  Menopause definitely requires chocolate OR alcohol.     It safe to say that I won’t try this again!

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