Saturday, December 25, 2010


It's Christmas!  The time to celebrate Christ, and to enjoy time with your family.  Our family has long standing traditions of making sure we get to see all the family at Christmas. 

On Christmas Eve, we head over to my Mom's house to see my parents and brothers, sister-in-laws and my neices and nephews.  This year, my brother and his family in Oklahoma joined us via Skype.  They have the youngest children, and I loved seeing Alyssa be so excited about Christmas.  Our kids are older, and are still excited about Christmas, but it's just not the same as the under 10 generation!

We eat, exchange gifts, laugh among the family and eat some more.  It is always wonderful to see my family.  We all live so far apart, and we don't get to get together often.

After we head home, my kids get to open 1 gift... The same every year... their Christmas PJs.  They had been asking all day long if I remembered to get Christmas PJs.   Thankfully... in all this hustle and bustle, I didn't forget.  But, of course, I just acted like I did.  haha

It is now Christmas morning, and we normally have to keep the kids upstairs so that we can come down, start a fire, turn on all the trees (yes, we put up 6 trees- can you say Christmas Spirit???), and put on Christmas music and then let them come down while we film them.  Times have changed!  It's 9a, and the girls are still asleep! I'm down here blogging, and hubby is taking a shower.  WOW!  Can't believe that they are sleeping in.

We'll hang out here all day and enjoy our presents, visit with neighbors, and just play.  Tonight, we'll head over to see all the other family on my hubby's side.  We eat, laugh, eat some more, open presents, etc.  It's another good mix of young and older children.  It is a fabulous way to finish off the day.

According to the weather man, we might actually have our first White Christmas (in my lifetime) today.  It is supposed to start snowing later today.  If it does, I will be the little kid at Christmas.  It will be just the Christmas miracle that we all want so much! 

I love Christmas!  I am thankful to be blessed with wonderful family and friends. I am thankful that I can celebrate the birth of Christ in freedom, and I am thankful for those that fight so hard to make sure I have this freedom.  We are truly blessed! 

I'm off to enjoy my time with my family, if they ever get down here!  I'll run extra tomorrow, for today, I shall eat all day! 

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