Monday, November 29, 2010

Life’ short… Eat Dessert First

Someone sent me an email a long time ago about a lady that believed that life was short, so she always ate dessert first.  I forwarded it to all my friends, and we shared a laugh.  Except, my 2 BFFs and I took it seriously.  Every time we get together to celebrate anything, we always eat dessert first.   Dessert is the best part of the meal, and we usually don’t have room for it.  So, the 3 of us decided that it made a lot of sense to take the best part FIRST!  

You would not believe how surprising it is for a waiter/waitress to hear us say that we will be ordering dessert first, then we will eat dinner.  We’ve been met with all kinds of crazy looks.  It never fails… they tend to find it very odd at first, but then it becomes very intriguing. They keep coming back to our table to chat, and to see what all the laughter is about.   In fact, we revisited a restaurant after about six months, and the waitress ran over to the table and said “I remember you ladies, Dessert first, right?”

I had dinner with my 2 BFFs at my house last night. Yes, it’s almost December, but we were serving barbeque.  Since we were having a summer in November theme, we made smores out by a campfire.  Yes, it was cold, but we just put in this firepit, and DANG IT, we were going to use it!  We roasted marshmallows, laughed, told stories, etc until our booties were too cold, then came inside to eat dinner.   My kids could not believe that we really did have our smores before our dinner.  They loved it!

We’ve been friends for over 30 years, and we share a lot of memories. These two ladies are my dearest friends, and my ultimate support system.  These are NOT the ladies that I would call to bail me out of jail if I ever messed up.  These are the ladies that would be sitting in the cell beside me laughing!   We all believe in living life to the fullest.   We even still go roller skating together, and laugh a lot.  We eat a little, drink a little and laugh A LOT – and we get VERY loud!   We’ve accumulated a lot of funny adventures over the years, and plan for many more!   We have never given a care about what the people around us must think… we just have fun.  And, we’re living our lives with a ‘dessert first’ mentality.  Enjoying the best parts first.      

The funny thing is we’ve laughed our way through boyfriends, breakups, weddings, illnesses, raising kids, aging parents, girls trips, etc.   Now, we’re laughing our way through menopause… And we’re recalling every single funny thing we ever did, just in case we can’t remember then in a few years…  with dessert first, of course.   

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