Thursday, December 23, 2010

The airport

My daughter went on her first overnight trip for business.  She was a little nervous flying by herself, but was ready for the adventure.  She sent a hysterical email to her Dad asking him to drive her to the airport and pick her up the next day.  In it she said… “I know that you and the fam will be at the airport with balloons and flowers to pick me up because you will miss me so much, being that I am the glue that holds the family together”…   Yes, humor runs in the family… but this was Mistake number one!  Never  send such an obvious dare to a family member.  Dad, of course, would never willing embarrass his children,  but  I took it as a personal challenge to do something crazy.    It’s just my calling!
So… with a little coaxing, I talked my youngest daughter into a plan.  We went to Party City and bought the HUGE clown sunglasses and Santa hats (mine had a tiara!!!).   We made a big sign that said “Welcome Home Brittany” and decided that we would make a scene.  
Walking up to wait for her plane, a lady saw our sunglasses and asked ‘Just coming in from Florida?”  “No… we’re just being obnoxious!”  I explained that our daughter had gone on an overnight business trip, and she needed a ride home from the airport.  So… we couldn’t resist being totally obnoxious.  She, of course, thought it was funny, but had no idea how far we would take it.
While waiting, I notice a chauffeur standing across the aisle.  When he turned, I noticed that he was holding a sign with none other than my NEIGHBOR’s name on it.  Well… Crap on a Cracker… we didn’t really expect that we would see anyone that we knew while we were here.  Afterall, Atlanta is a big city.  It seemed incredibly small when my straight-laced neighbor came walking up!   I didn’t even bother to explain the obnoxiousness, because he lives next door, and he already knows we’re crazy.  LOL
When Britt turned the corner… we RAN to her like it had been months since we had seen her.  She saw the sunglasses, hats and sign and tried to act like she had no idea who we were.  We hugged her and made a huge scene.  People were looking, and I’m sure they were touched by the fact that a family was reuniting after a long separation.  J  The ladies that were standing next to us were just laughing so hard.  Had they not known the true story, they probably would have been teary-eyed like the rest of the crowd.  Haha
Britt got over her embarrassment quickly.  She’s used to us… But, I’ll bet it’s a long time before she asks us to pick her up at the airport again.   Or… maybe not.  Fun is fun, no matter how old you are.

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