Saturday, March 5, 2011

The other night, I was talking with a friend of mine (a fellow broker) who was quite upset by the actions of an agent from another firm that she was working with on a deal.  The agent had sent a very nasty email to my friend in response to a deal that had fallen through for her client.  My friend and I bounce ideas off each other all the time, as a sort of ‘gut check” mechanism.   It keeps us sane (and I use that word loosely) in this crazy market.  So, we were seriously discussing the situation and how best to handle it.

The big thing to note here is that my friend’s husband was out of town, so she was nestled in her calm, quiet home with no distractions.  I, on the other hand, was sitting in the mad house of chaos that I call home trying to find a quiet spot so that I could talk.
I had settled into my office and we were very deep in a conversation when my husband walked in to inform me that he was going to Kroger.

And the three way conversation went something like this:

Tom:  “I’m heading to Kroger, do you need anything?”
Me:  “Katie , hang on a second” - to Tom –“Yes- can you get me some tampons”
Katie:  (Hysterical laughter)  He’s going to buy you tampons?”
Me:  ‘Yes he is… he’ll buy me tampons, but real men don’t buy whipped cream vodka… you should read my blog post about the Whipped Cream Vodka”.
Katie: “You Have Blog?  Where is it, I want to read it.”
Tom: “What kind of tampons do you need?”
Me: -to Katie- Yes I do, it’s not public, but you can read it.”  To Tom – “ OB Super Plus”
Katie: “Ok, I’m looking at it now.” 
Me: Laughing Hysterically – “ That’s not my blog… I was telling Tom the kind of tampons I need.”
Katie: “Oh!” "bahahahaha!"   

Mass laughter ensued. In fact, we forgot all about our serious conversation and kept on laughing.  It won’t be funny to anybody else, but it was hysterical to us.  It’s one of those ‘location jokes’ (you just had to be there) that is funny forever because it was funny at the moment it happened.   The best thing is that years from now, one of us will say “obsuperplus” and we’ll both laugh hysterically.  Good friends, location jokes… nothing better!

I got an email from Katie last night that said “I signed into Kathy's blog for my bedtime story--was disappointed to see that the site hasn't been switched to yet. :) “     

Yep… it will be years before we forget this.    

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  1. I think I am always going to refer to your blog as it definitely cheered me up in this crazy real estate market!! :)