Friday, March 18, 2011

Tennis Bloopers

I was watching the Australian Open a few weeks ago, and I was amazed at the great force that the players hit the ball.  I love their level of competition, and their sportsmanship.  But, there is one thing that always amazes me… When they accidentally hit a little blooper over the net, (you know the one that doesn’t exactly go where you want it to, but still wins the point), they hold up their hand in apology!  WHAT?  WHY?  They are actually embarrassed that they hit such a poor wimpy shot!  

Well let me tell you one thing… If I hit a shot that hits the net and rolls over, I am NOT apologizing!  I am so amazed that I look up at the sky and say ‘Thank you Jesus’.  I might even have a 5 second dance party right there on the court!  And if it’s not appropriate to do the actual dance, I’ll just do the 5 second dance party in my head!  Honey, it’s CARTWHEEL CITY for me, if it goes over the net. 

Now don’t get me wrong… I’m not at all about rubbing it in the face of my opponents.  That’s not it at all!  I’m a good sport!  And, I’ll be the first to congratulate my opponent if they make a shot like that too. (I might even give them a 5 second dance party.)  It’s just that after you run a ball down, barely get your racket on it and do everything you can to get it back, you just want to celebrate if it goes over, no matter how ugly it is!     I’m not playing championship tennis out there!  I’m far from it.  But, I’ll take every advantage I can get, because I NEED IT! 

Life is a lot like tennis!  You don’t win every game, but if you make it fun, it’s not so hard to take a loss or two.  Sometimes you’re going to hit some winning shots, and sometimes, you may just bloop it over the net!  Celebrate the winners and the bloopers!  Besides, you only live once, but you get to serve twice! 

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