Saturday, March 26, 2011


  About the time I hit 40, I noticed that some changes were going on with my body. The normally firm arms were looking a little more fluffy and a lot less firm.  I also noticed that my stomach, which has been flat for my entire life (even after 2 kids) was starting to pouch.   I’ve always had some ‘junk in the trunk’ but I never had a belly.  Did this mean that my double wide backside was so full that the fat was just overflowing into my belly?  All my friends kept saying this would happen, but I refused to accept it.  I’ve got some strong muscles, but now you can’t see them because they are hidden behind a layer of fluff! 

I have fought the good fight through my entire life.  I exercise and eat right, but I still don’t seem to take the weight off.  Mind you, I haven’t gained weight, I’ve just gotten softer.  YUCK!  And now, I’m about to enter my FIFTIES!  And, the big, mean girl - Menopause is rearing her UGLY head, and she’s a tough opponent to say the least.   

I am constantly reminded of the movie ‘Despicable Me’ when the little girl gets the giant fluffy unicorn.  She is so excited and yells ‘ITS SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE!’  It made me laugh because it hit home.   I quickly shot up a prayer… Please Lord do not let anyone grab me and yell “SHE’S SO FLUFFY! “    I probably WOULD  die!

So… do I embrace my fluffiness, or keep fighting?  Well… I think I’ll do both.  Yes, I’m  a lot softer these days.  But, I’m also wiser, happier, more self-aware, more confident, etc.  I’ll keep exercising and striving to stay healthy because “that’s how I roll”… I may have to push a lot harder just to stay at this same level of fluffiness, but I guess I can do that.

Maybe if I add a few more stretch goals, I will grow taller instead of fluffier???  Probably not… But, if I never, ever give up, I’ll still be strong even if I do look like a softy.   

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