Monday, March 14, 2011

What am I? Gumby?

The last few years in Real Estate have been crazy.  And I have managed to stay in the game, and stay somewhat positive.  I know that tough times like this make us stronger.  I have always been one for Stretch goals.  I push myself all the time.  But geez… something’s gotta give!

I was walking with my girlfriend the other morning, and I laughed and said.  “I know that God has a plan to make me stronger though these tough times.  But, I feel like telling to him – God- stop trying to make me excellent!  I just want to be mediocre for a while!” 

Now, I didn’t mean it… I know that I’m coming out of this a better person.  But, sometimes I feel like I just want to stop off at mediocre and rest for a few minutes before I push through to good, great and excellent!   Sometimes, I just want something to be easy.  I’ve been stretched past my comfort zone so many times that I feel like Gumby! 

But, when you think about it, being Gumby isn’t so bad.  Gumby is VERY flexible.  You can bend him and stretch him in every direction, but you can’t take that smile off  his face.  He remains strong no matter how many times you push him past his limits.   He never breaks.  He just bends and pops back into shape.

So… keep on stretching me God… It may take years to get to excellent, but I will keep trying and keep smiling… If Gumby can do it, so can I! 

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