Wednesday, November 24, 2010

No Shave November

Yes it’s November… one of my favorite months.  Mainly because I like to participate in what I call ‘No Shave November’.   We’re wearing pants all the time, and no one will know that I haven’t shaved my legs.  Well almost no one. 

Of course, it comes right after ‘Optional October’, which I opted to stop participating in when I started playing tennis.  Leg hair just isn’t all that attractive in a tennis skirt.  Plus, I’m convinced that it creates drag and makes it harder to chase down a tennis ball.  Ha! 

Additionally,  it comes right before ‘Don’t Shave December’ -another glorious month.  Followed by ‘Just DON’T DO IT January’ and ‘Forget Shaving February’. 
I hold these months sacred because ‘Might need to Shave March’ ( sometimes known as ‘Mow your legs March’)  is following closely.  Then you fall into the shaving months… ‘A few shaves April’,  ‘Must shave May’,  ‘Just shave June’ , ‘Just shave daily July’,  ‘Always shave August’ and Suck it up and Shave September’.  Not my favorites, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

This year, I managed to participate half-heartedly in Optional October.  I did notice my leg hairs shimmering in the sunlight at my last tennis match.  But after getting spanked on the court, I was really glad that I had opted NOT to shave my legs for that!

I did not, however, get to participate in No Shave November this year for 2 reasons.  One, my neice got married in early November.  And, I felt that it would be for the good of all involved if my legs were sparkling and clean shaven.  Yes – I love my neice way more than I hate shaving.  J   And I hate panty hose way more than I hate shaving!  So… I caved … and shaved.

I thought that I could salvage what was left of November, but we’ve had a freakish heat wave here.  It’s been going up to the mid 70’s every day.   I don’t know what’s up with that.  But, given my propensity towards hot flashes, I have decided that keeping my legs uncovered was a necessary evil.  So I caved again, and shaved again.

I see no reason whatsoever to shave after today though.  Although I am off to a shaky start, I’ve still got a good 3 months that I might be able to manage to salvage!   Here’s hoping my hubby survives!

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