Friday, May 20, 2011

Insanity in the gym

I've been walking/running with my girlfriends every morning at 6a for many years.  But, we're at that age that no matter how hard we work, we just stay the same.  So, we decided that we should shake things up a little and step it up a notch.  One of the girls suggested that we join a couple of ladies that are working out in her church gym.  It sounded like fun, and so we decided that we would join them yesterday.

When we got there, they told us that they were doing an exercise series and they had been at it for about 3 weeks.  We all were pretty excited  thinking that we weren't that far behind, and that it should be fun.  Then she pulled out a box of CD called the Insanity workout.  Hmm... this should be interesting!

Well... the warm up was at warp speed.  I was completely out of breath before it was even over.  In fact, it was so fast that I thought I might have a heart attack.  Then, we did 5000 squats (well not really, but it felt like it), and tons of power squats and pushups, and jumping jacks and running in place, and suicides, and who knows what else.  This was totally insane. (haha)   I realized very quickly that this tape was going to kick my butt.  I stopped several times during the 45 minute work out just to catch my breath.  I realized that I was pushing hard, but at the same time constantly repeating "Dear Lord, please don't let me die right here in the middle of this aerobics class!"   So, with all that praying, I got a physical workout and a spiritual workout right there in the church gym.

When we finished, there was not a dry spot on my body.  I was pleased that we had worked so hard, and also kind of scared that I was going to feel this later.  We decided that we would go back today.  I made it through again, but there were several times that I felt like I couldn't do one more push up or power squat.  And once again, I found myself praying that I would not die.

Well, after 2 days of Insanity in the morning, I can honestly say that my feet hurt, and my calves hurt, and my thighs hurt, and my hamstrings hurt, and my butt hurts, and my chest hurts, and my biceps hurt, and my triceps hurt, and I really don't think that I can make it up the stairs to go to bed.  Apparently, I've worked some muscles that I forgot that I had.  Well, let me tell you that I certainly remember them now!

Will I go back... yes, I think I will, because it's how I roll.  I don't love pain, but I really can't stand for something to beat me!  And, Insanity definitely got the best of me today!

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