Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Moth Day!

My family works very hard to make Mother’s Day special for me and their grandmothers. Tom always makes a delicious meal, and the girls help.  We are all pampered during the day, and it is quite wonderful. 
When they were younger, the girls always made Mother’s Day cards for us.  As they have gotten older, they started buying them.  However, both girls are very artsy, so this year they decided to make a card.  And by they… I mean Rachel… Brittany supervised. 

So Rachel set out to make an elaborate card with the Minions from the movie ‘Despicable Me.’  The inside of the card must have taken hours.  She spelled out ‘Best Mom Ever !!!!!’ in block letters and had 1 Minion holding each letter and exclamation point.  SO CUTE!  And, so much detail too.  The front was amazing too.  It had a Minion lowering a sign and about 10 in a crowd clapping.  I know this took her forever to finish, and it was beautiful!

Except… when they looked it over, neither girl noticed the letters missing on the front.  It said ‘HAPPY MOTHDAY!’  haha… What does a mother do to keep from crushing the spirit of her child that worked so hard on the card.  Well… I’m not sure what a normal mom does, but this one just chuckled and said ‘Happy Moth Day? ‘   Rachel looked at me, and in her best Minion voice said ‘Whhhhhaaaaaatttttt?????’    She grabbed the card, looked at it and said ‘Well SNAP!   How did I do that?’  Then Brittany grabbed the card and started laughing… She hadn’t notice it either.  

Soon the jokes started…
‘Oh… I’m just a caterpillar, and in any moment I will erupt from my cocoon and become a beautiful butterfly… oh… I mean MOTH!’   And… ‘ Be careful, don’t hold it up to the light!’  And ‘Thank you for my beautiful Moth Day card’… I’ve never gotten a Moth Day card before’, ‘I never knew people celebrated Moth Day’… and so on… Yep… It’s pretty clear that I will never be a normal mom! 

I wouldn’t trade this card for any other card in the world, and my girls know it. 
But, Moth Day is a subtle reminder that no matter how hard you try, mistakes sometimes happen.  It’s how you handle the mistakes that matter.  You can get defensive or you can give yourself a break and look for the good in it.  I loved seeing Rachel handle this little oversight with grace and laughter.  We laugh a lot in this family… and it’s a good thing.        

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