Monday, May 16, 2011

Family Therapy

  My daughter graduated from college this weekend!  Woo Hoo!  I am so proud!  The big university graduation was in the evening on Friday the 13th, and her graduation from the Business School was on Saturday afternoon.  We had it all planned out to go down early enough for dinner on Friday, and then come back early enough for lunch on Saturday.
But what I didn’t count on was the emotional roller coaster that I would feel.

 I had to pack a whole lot of work stuff into Friday morning so that I could take off Friday afternoon and Saturday.  But I could not concentrate AT ALL!  I was trying to schedule showings for homes for a young client, and would think about the fact that my daughter would soon be looking for homes.  (Eyes tear up)… Then I was putting together paperwork for a short sale listing appointment, and realized how thankful I was that  my daughter was going to be starting her new job next week… (Eyes tear up).   WHAT???  I am just so proud of this huge accomplishment that I can’t seem to hold back the tears of joy.   But, I felt like I was watching a freaking Hallmark commercial!

At the graduation, I noticed that there were plenty of moms that had tears in their eyes. It’s just that we’ve watched our kids work so hard to get here, and we are so very proud.  Still, I realized that if I was getting this teary-eyed at graduation, I was never going to make it through a wedding.  Then it hit me… get it all out today, and maybe I’ll be good for the ‘real graduation’ tomorrow.    

On Saturday, we picked up Britt and headed over to the Coliseum for round 2.  We got there early, and parked pretty close.  What a beautiful ceremony!  It was so wonderful to see my daughter walk across the stage, and then see her face on the Jumbotron receiving her diploma.  This time, I didn’t cry!    We had decided to whoop and yell when Britt came across the stage.  And, let me tell you, that we also talked the people in the row behind us into yelling with us.  Celebrating instead of reflecting…That kept me happy and tearless!  Having my family there to celebrate with me made all the difference.   

When we got back to our car after the graduation, we noticed our parking spot.  We had parked in a spot that was designated as ‘Family Therapy’.  We couldn’t stop laughing.  How appropriate is that?  Emotional basket cases need therapy, right?    Yes, I guess from the outside looking in, therapy might be deemed as a good solution for our family!  But, who needs therapy when you have each other?  We snapped pictures of the parking space.  Then we took pictures of the crazier of us standing there too.  (And by crazier, I mean me!)   What a great way to end the day.  Do we really need therapy?  Probably, but for now, I guess laughter really is the best medicine, and family is the place to get it.  So… bring on the Family Therapy… I’ve got a few more milestones to get through and I want to do it with a smile on my face!          

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