Friday, May 27, 2011

Family Dynamics

Have you ever noticed that not all families are like the families on TV?  Well, maybe I should rephrase that… not like the families on TV when I was growing up.  My family is NOT the Cleavers or the Huxtables.  However, we’re also not at all like the reality TV families either (thankfully).  But, I do believe that every family has a little bit of dysfunction.
My family is no exception.  When we have family functions, there is usually someone that is already in a bad mood when they arrive.  Mind you, it’s never the same person that arrives in a huff.  We’ve kind of rotated that job around during the years.  But, when you have family, you are invariably going to rub someone the wrong way every now and then.   And besides, they don’t call marriage an INSTITUTION for nothing.  As one family member eloquently puts it… “you really ought to buy a wedding dress and a straight jacket at the same time.”   
Yes… we all have some quirks and we have to run interference for some battles every now and then.    But, in the end, we all love each other, quirks and all. No one knows how to push all your buttons like family.   No one knows you (and loves you anyway) like family.   And no one can tease you for years about a silly mistake and get away with it like family.  So, laugh it off, and love them all!

In my family, we put the FUN in dysfunction! 

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