Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Team Menopause or Team Puberty

I woke up several times last night with hot flashes.  I mean the 'rip off the cover, strip down to nothing' kind of flashes.  In fact, I call them power surges, instead of hot flashes.  They make your clothes fall off faster than tequila!  I know it's a rite of passage, and I'm trying my best to embrace it.  I can handle it as long as I know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

 But... when I got up to run this morning, what to my wondering eyes had appeared?  A huge pimple on my cheek, that's what. What the heck is going on?  Am I going through menopause or puberty?  I just looked in the mirror and said  'OK Body-  Team Menopause or Team Puberty - pick a side and stick with it!'     Yes... they should make a t-shirt that say that! 

Believe me, I am not one of these women who looks at the younger generation and wants to be back there.  I am embracing my age, and loving every minute of it.   I was married and had a fantastic job, a house and time to work out hard every day when I was 23.  I was raising my kids in my 30's and starting a new business in my 40's.  And as I approach my 50's, I am excited about what it holds.  I live my life to the fullest.   I wouldn't trade places with the younger set for anything in the world.  I love the knowledge, and confidence that I have gained over the years.  I wouldn't go back to the uncertainty, the body image struggles, the dating game, the lack of self confidence that the younger set has for all the tea in China.  So, when I see a younger girl with a perky body and a cute boy, I just smile.  I know what she's got to look forward to, and I hope she enjoys every minute of it like I do!     

I may be a little fluffier than I was back then, (well maybe a lot fluffier), but I have no regrets.  I'm wiser, happier, I enjoy my friends more, and I take better care of myself.   I'm OK with alone time, in fact, I cherish it.   I played on Team Puberty years ago... been there done that, and didn't really care for it at all.   I choose Team Menopause.  So, pimple, get off my face... I'm sticking with the hot flashes!

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