Monday, February 7, 2011

Facebook and the Super Bowl

I love football.  College football is my favorite, but it’s over way too soon, so I get my fix watching the Falcons play.  They had an excellent year, and we had hopes that they would be at the Super Bowl.  But, their journey ended a little too soon this year.  So, when it came time for the Super Bowl, I really didn’t care if the Packers or the Steelers were going to be in it.  I was sad that the Falcons weren’t.
But…the Super Bowl brings out the fan in you, even if you don’t care about either team.  And although this is one of the first years that I couldn’t really figure out who to root for, I couldn’t wait to see some good football and some excellent commercials.   I had a ton of logical suggestions from friends about who I should root for.   My sister-in-law is from Pittsburg, but I couldn’t bring myself to root for their quarterback.  Sorry… having a daughter in college brings out the mama bear in you.   But, I just opted for lightly rooting for the packers, and hoping that the game would be close so that it would be good. 
Everything got off to a good start with a patriotic song from one of the stars of Glee.  I was very impressed at the patriotism displayed by the players on both teams during the opening songs.  And then came the big whoops from Christina Aguilera.   The camera panned to some players who gave a quizzical look at each other when she belted out the wrong words.  But, they kept on singing themselves, hand over their heart.  It made me proud!
I spent most of the game chatting on facebook with my friends following the game AND the commercials.  There was a running commentary of laughs, cheers, trash talk, and comments/opinions of the commercials.   And of course trash talk about people’s opinions of the commercials.  Yes, we were a bunch of girls acting like a bunch of boys… It was very funny… I can honestly say that I did not see one post from any of my guy friends…  I guess they can’t multi-task like we can!  
At half-time… I got off facebook long enough to skype my girlfriend so that we could have a Black-Eyed Pea Dance party.  We pointed the computers at each other and danced like fools.   The girl in me came out big time.  I heard later that many people thought half time was the worst ever… but for me and my girlfriend, it was one big concert dance party.  Yep, we’re 10 year olds trapped in an old lady’s body.
There was some good football going on, and I saw most of it!  But I had a blast watching it on Facebook with my girlfriends.    The game was good, but the color commentary was much better coming from the girls!

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