Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Puffball looks at Fifty...

At the end of every year, I take stock and see how I’m doing with life in general.  Am I kind enough, have I set goals and kept them, have I taken good care of the body God gave me and the people he put in my life?  But, mostly, I just try to see if I am a little better person at the end of the year than I was at the beginning.  And, any shortcomings that I find become goals at New Years.  HA!  That’s basically a load of crap!  Because, basically, I set the same goals EVERY year, so apparently, I don’t seem to think I’m making any progress.  Yes,  I set goals at the beginning of every year,  then I do a gut check around my birthday, which just happens to be close to half way through the year.   So,  basically, I have a mid-year checkup. 
This year, my mid-year check up just happens to be my mid-life check up too. Yes… I’m turning 50.  So, I think I should share with you some of the things that I have learned along the way:

1.      Every year, I say I’m going to lose 20 lbs.  And every year, I don’t.  But I work hard trying, and I think I’m healthier for it.  Fluff and all!
2.      The Nationwide commercial is right…  Life comes at you fast.  And,  the older you get, the faster it comes. So, unless you can run really fast, you better be prepared for what life brings you NOW! 
3.      I’ve learned that if I didn’t procrastinate, I wouldn’t have anything to do tomorrow!  (Just kidding!)
4.      I’ve learned that you should never suppress a burp.  It just works its way out eventually, and it might not come out the end you want it to, or when you want it to!  (OK, sorry to my prudish friends, but you know you laughed anyway!)
5.      I’ve learned that suppressing a sneeze isn’t really a good thing for a menopausal woman either… But, the makers of Depends have made a fortune over suppressed sneezes.  So, I wonder… are they called Depends because we can Depend on them, or because they can Depend on us? 
6.      I’ve learned that if you are a happy person, the corniest things can make you laugh.  So, if you’re not laughing at the corny stuff, you need to work on getting happy!     
7.      I’ve learned that sometimes, I just think really funny thoughts and laugh out loud for no apparent reason.
8.      I’ve also learned that some of those funny things just should not be shared with others!   
9.      I’ve learned that a chocolate won’t solve your problems.  Neither will Margaritas.  But, as long as you can afford either one, how bad could your problems be, really?   
10.  I’ve learned that I can annoy my kids with simple phrases like “It’s a Christmas Miracle”, or “oohhhh, it touched the Butt’, or “5 second Dance Party”, or “Quit yer yaking”…. The simple phrases that have made it to the “Things my mother is banned from saying list” hold a special place in my heart!
11.    I’ve learned that Average people compare themselves with others, that’s why they are average.  So, run your best race and stop checking to see how you measure up with the average people.
12.  I’ve learned that putting your hand to something and completing it is far more rewarding than paying someone to do it for you.  
13.  I’ve learned that the people that bring you the greatest joy are also the ones that hurt you the most.  So you just have to remember to love them though it all.
14.  I’ve learned that one of the greatest gifts my husband ever gave me is the opportunity to keep my good girlfriends. 
15.  I’ve also learned that God had me on his mind before I was born because he put everything in place to make sure that I found the perfect husband.   
16.  I’ve learned that I have a soft side and a funny side.  And, sometimes, I switch back and forth really fast, and sometimes, I stay on one side longer than I should.
17.  I’ve learned that nothing good lasts forever, and nothing bad lasts forever. So, just roll with it!
18.  I’ve learned that 50 doesn’t even feel old… It feels like I’m just getting started.    At some point, I am going to have to grow up! 

This barely sums up it up, but it’s a good start!  I did a quick gut check and I’m feeling pretty good for the half way mark… I’ve got a lot to learn, but I’ve learned a lot too.   So, I think I’ll spend the next 50 years doing a lot more of the same crazy stuff I’ve always done.  Life’s been good to me so far, so why mess with it?      

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  1. Oh Kathy - You are FABULOUS and you are just getting started. I'm smiling as I write this because the best parts of you that I got to spend time with in our teens and 20's has gotten even BETTER.