Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our Crops are Saved!

It rained at our house a few nights ago.  Now… that may seem like a non-event to you, but we haven’t seen rain in a while at my house.  We’ve seen black clouds all around us, and the adjoining town has gotten a lot of rain.  But, it’s been like there is a dome over our little piece of suburbia and no rain can get through.  Watching the radar has been very frustrating too.  There will be pop up storms all around us, but our little section is clear as a bell.  And, in the morning when I talk to my friends, they mention how bad the storm has been, and all we got was thunder!  

So that night, my daughter came running up the stairs and said “IT’S RAINING!  COME LOOK!”   I jumped out of my chair and ran down the stairs.  The kids were standing there with the front door WIDE open looking at the rain.  It was pitch black outside, but there we were looking like the Beverly Hillbillies staring at the rain.  I yelled “Rain!  Our Crops are Saved!”  and we just laughed and laughed.  Rachel asked us if we dared her to run across the street and touch the Real Estate sign in our neighbor’s yard.  And of course, we dared her!  So she ran down the stairs, across the sidewalk, down the driveway, and across the street to touch the sign.  She looked up and held up her hands in the “TA DA” fashion that she always did as a kid.  And again, we belly laughed.  Who does that?  Who dares someone to run across the street in the rain?   Well, apparently rain deprived people do, because we sure thought it sounded like a good idea.  And we were absolutely giddy because it was raining.  Of course, we also locked her outside on the porch for good measure.  Watching the rain was even funnier when we were inside watching someone else get wet!  Haha!

I found myself going out to the garage several times to just watch the rain.  It was amazing.  My garden had new life the next morning.  The flowers had more color in the yard.  It was like a miracle happened.   Even walking the next morning, my neighbor mentioned that they were in awe at the window watching the rain.  She said that she checked the radar and there was just this small little pop up rain pocket right over us (for once).   You see, the Beverly Hillbillies have nothing on us!  We were enjoying the simple pleasures for a moment.  We felt blessed.     But, last night, we were back to normal…Rain all around us and only thunder at our house!    

Isn’t it funny how you miss the things that you sometime complain about?  We seem to complain about the rain until we don’t have any for a while.  We complain about the heat until it gets so cold that we wish it was warm again.  Then, we complain about the cold.    Why do we do that?   Why is it that we just never seem to be satisfied with the here and now?    Maybe it’s my mid life wisdom coming into play, but I’m really trying to enjoy the moment.  Life is moving fast, and we’ve got to enjoy each day.  So… laugh in the sunshine and dance in the rain.  I dare you! 

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