Thursday, August 25, 2011

Girls Night Out

I had a wonderful dinner the other night with my best girlfriends.  It’s always a laugh a minute.  Being the trendsetters that we are (ha), we decided to visit this trendy restaurant downtown called Via.  Well, let me tell you that I am not so sure Via was ready for us! 
We got there and the very pretty waitress sat us at a table with cushy seats.   The lights were pretty low to create ambiance.  When she handed us the menus, we told her that we needed to see the dessert menu first.  Of course this always throws them off for about 30 seconds.   But, then they realize that we’re serious, and they laugh and comment about how cool it is that we eat dessert first.   And, sometimes, they even mention that they wish their moms were as cool as us. (hahaha!)   This night, however, the lights were so low that NOT one of us could even read the menu.  We tried our best, but finally, I had to get up and go over by the door to even see the menu.  And, the seats were so cushy that getting up was not so easy.  Picture this... we’re trying to look trendy, we’re old, we can’t read the menu, then we can’t seem to get up without groaning, and we want our dessert first…  You would have thought that we were there for the early bird special!  
Finally, a table opened up near the window, and our sweet waitress moved us over there.  Success!  We had enough light to see the menu.  And, it probably would have been better for everyone if we couldn’t.  We ordered  2 desserts to share,  Crème Brule cheesecake and some little donuts with raspberry and chocolate dipping sauce.  Yum… It didn’t take us long to devour this. 
Then, we started looking over the menu for our entrees.  Pat quickly honed in on French fries.   She said “Ya’ll listen…  last night I told Randy I wanted French fries, and he told me that I just needed to STOP!  He said I was Out of Control!   Who is he to tell me what to eat?  Well… I’m ordering a BIG plate of fries and then I’m gonna go home and tell Randy that I ate EXTRA fries just for him.  I may even dip them in chocolate! “  Ha!  You go girl!  So, when the waitress came back to remove our dessert plates and take our orders, we told her to leave the chocolate sauce (just in case).   
Oh my heavens, we ate too much and laughed a lot!  Thankfully, no one peed their pants at the table.  Although, I’m pretty sure Pat was close at one point!   Our reputations as trendsetters would have been tainted (for sure) if one of us had to put on the Depends!   J    All in all, a good time was had by all!  I’m sure that there were several guests in the restaurant that thought we were drinking heavily, even though we weren’t.     And our sweet waitress got to start her brand new job with 3 crazy ladies that ate dessert first, dipped French fries in chocolate sauce (yes, we did!) and didn’t care one bit if she didn’t know everything there was to know about the menu!   It will be a long time before she waits on anyone else quite like us. Fifty may be the new forty, but  French fries in chocolate sauce is the new broccoli!  Who says we’re not trendsetters?       

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